Monday, 19 January 2009

Collecting WIP's

I've been a bit naughty recently. I haven't been finishing things. I currently have 6 WIP's. Whoops!

I'm making my 3 year old dd a swing jacket. It's a bit further on than this photo, I'm now doing the increases for the "swing" part.


I'm using some lovely BFL from Fyberspates in a colourway called Pinks and Purples.

I've also cast on a matinee jacket for Bump using some yarn in blues. I haven't got a photo of it yet but it seems to be constructed in a similar way to a Baby Suprise Jacket, but the pattern itself is one that my Mum got from a newspaper when I was a child. I'm about halfway along with it.

I finished these crops last week as a stash busting exercise:


They are made using Colinette Skye pure wool in a colourway called Fire. I was hoping for longies but I wanted to make a large size with baggy legs so crops is all I had yarn for. I finished them with garter stitch cuffs which I think turned out rather well.

They are for sale in my shop The Soaring Sheep.

My current stash busting exercise is a pair of medium shorties in some lovely organic merino yarn I bought months ago for one of my first customers. I bought extra yarn as it was such a lovely colourway and I've had these half finished shorties sitting around since November. Hopefully I'll have finished them in a day or so and can post photos :-)


  1. Yeah! The Crops look great love the colors, are you doing the 52in52 challange?

  2. I had 55 last year although mostly longies!

    I don't have a huge stash by other people's standards but I don't like having yarn just sitting there for months and feel guilty if I'm always using the new exciting yarns. So I'm trying to refresh my stash a bit.

    Plus I have an agreement this year with DP that I can only buy yarn with money in my paypal account or from my "pocket money". If I can sell some instock items then that's more perdy yarn I can buy ;-)


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