Friday, 30 January 2009


I finished these shorties just over a week ago:

Emerald Seadhna Shorties

They're lovely and soft. Felt a bit strange to be making shorties in January but they have been sitting in my yarn box for months half knitted so thought I'd better get round to finishing them.

I'm making my final pair of instock longies before my third baby is born. This photo was taking a while ago but I've misplaced my camera so can't do an updated one! I'm currently almost all the way down the first leg. Not sure what cuff to do yet, anyone have any suggestions?


I can't decide if it's a girly colourway or not. Then again my 20 month old is currently running around in a pink top so maybe I'm not the best judge!

I'm 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow and feeling tired most of the time. I'm struggling to find the effort to finish my WIP's and they're just sitting there in my knitting bag. I'd like to get the matinee jacket done for Bump and I've offered to make a friend a hat for her newborn.

Oh and I've got to make a tester soaker sack for an imminent arrival as well as one for my own.

I should probably spend the weekend catching up on my knitting, but at the moment sleep is a lot more appealing. I'm already having 10 hours a night! *yawn*


  1. I love the shorties Evelyn, gorgeous colours!
    Make sure you get plenty of rest.

  2. Your unfinished longies are crying out for a ruffle cuff, but I am in girly knitting mode ;0) so I would say that ;0)

    Your pregnancy is going sooo fast! Spend some time knitting for bump, you'll never finish it if you wait too long.
    Mich x.

  3. Great colors, I second the ruffle!


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