Thursday, 10 December 2015

Egg-citing News

We had an egg-cellent start to the day this morning. I slid open the roof of the chicken coop to give it a quick spot clean like I do every morning and I found not one but two perfect little eggs.


It was ever so exciting, we've been wondering when they'd start laying and assumed the cold dark weather would put them off until the Spring. We did notice recently that they've started squatting down when you try to pick them up rather than running away which apparently is a behaviour they will do for the cockerel.

Of course now we've got to decide what we're going to do with these two precious eggs and how we can share them between the six of us.


Oh my gosh! I went out while I was making my lunch to give them a pear to eat and couldn't resist another peek inside their house and look what I found!


A third egg, and it was still warm :-)


How funny that they all started laying on the same day. And they all layed in the nest box too, clever girls


The black girl on the left laid the third egg, she's called Maude. The grey girl is called Merry and the orangey one is called Betsy. Thanks ladies!


  1. How cool is that? Nature is amazing. Glad you will have fresh eggs this winter.

  2. What fun! How amazing to get food from the source!

  3. Eggs away! No idea why that is what I thought! How great that they are laying, they have obviously settled in well and are happy in their new home! xx

  4. That is brilliant, they must be content - hopefully the start of many.


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