Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wednesday's WIP's

I had another driving lesson today. I'm definitely making progress although my instructor does shout a lot "USE the CLUTCH!" "BRAKE!" "Did you SEE that RED LIGHT?!" :-P Poor guy, I don't think I'd want his job. Today I went into top gear on purpose because I was driving along a duel carriageway. I also reversed into a parking space rather well too. We'll gloss over the roundabouts, stalling at junctions and not using the clutch properly...

I've mostly been pottering around with things at home. A bit of cleaning, a bit of ironing, a bit of playing with the puppy, a bit of revision for my theory test (next week, *gulp*) and occasionally a bit of knitting too.


The red sweater has been waiting for me to try it on my son to see how much more length I need on the sleeves. I need to do another 4 inches or so before starting the cuffs so that will keep me amused for a while.

My sock now has a heel and is nice and simple to knit again, much like the sleeves on the sweater. Seems that's what I'm in the mood for right now.

The purple garter stitch at the top is going to be a hat. I'll talk about more about that another day, hopefully when I've started knitting the pattern part. At the moment following instructions is a bit beyond me (my driving instructor probably agrees...). I cast it on because the yarn has been sat on my shelf for so long it was starting to get dusty. Rather than dust the shelf I thought knitting would be more fun ;-)

So looking forward to the Christmas holidays and things feeling less busy... Take care everyone :-)

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  1. Lot's of fun projects going on there. Good luck on your test next week!

  2. Your driving lesson story made me laugh - I remembered my poor instructor who had to take walking breaks to calm down :) Your WIPs are so colorful!

    1. Lol I think that's why my instructor likes me to drive to deserted car parks to practice reversing into a space, I'm less of a danger to other road users ;-)

      Thank you

  3. Great progress on these projects. OMGosh, your driving lesson tidbits had me LOLing! I don't know how to drive a stick. You can drive anything after that.

  4. Learning to drive is hard. I think it's probably harder for an adult because we are more aware than teens of all the dangers! You'll make it!

  5. I am sure that you will get there with the driving! I think that most driving instructors like shouting at you, that was my experience anyway! Good luck with it all! xx

  6. You are BRAVE! All the best for you and your driving instructor. :-) Regula


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