Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ready for Christmas

Hi everyone :) I failed my driving theory test last week but redid it this morning and got a good pass so I'm feeling much happier. The children are home for the holidays, the shopping is done and I'm planning on spending the next few days chilling out. I've got books to read, knitting projects to work on and lots of relaxing to accomplish.


I finished my Mum's socks a couple of days ago. Still need to weave in the 4 ends and give them a quick wash and block but that won't take long. I'm hoping to pay my parents a visit in the near future so might be able to persuade her to let me take some modelling shots :-p


My son's sweater now has a sleeve so the second one is going to be my tv knitting project as it's just plain stockinette and I know how many rows I need between decreases and how much length to add etc.


My final WIP is this hat. The pattern is called Here's Looking At You and caught my eye when I was looking for something to knit with this yarn


I think this stitch pattern is so pretty. Originally I thought it was some sort of cabling but once I got the pattern I found it's just left and right leaning decreases and yarn overs. Very easy to remember too which is always good.

The yarn I'm using is a completely different colour to what my camera has come up with. Hopefully when the hat is finished I'll be able to get some daylight shots which are more accurate. The yarn also has a bit of silver thread through it which gives a nice effect.

So that's me sorted now. I hope if you celebrate Christmas or are just looking forward to a day off that you get some relaxing time. Happy Holidays and if I don't end up posting again this year I hope you all have a Happy New Year too :-)

Take care, Evelyn x

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  1. Congratulations on your theory test! And you have some lovely projects there - all nearly finished or finished. Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. Oh you are so much further ahead than me! I'm just casting on my Dad's socks!! And congratulations on passing your driving theory :)

  3. Congratulations on passing your theory test. My son failed his the first time too. Have a wonderful Christmas. Sarah x

  4. Congrats on passing your test! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. So many projects! I love the sock yarn :)

  6. Great progress on these knits. I'm sorry the first go didn't pass but yay on the second! Mele Kalikimaka to you and your ohana.

  7. How do you juggle three projects and a theory test??! You are super woman. Hope you manage to hang up the cape and have a relax over Christmas. Love the socks and I bet your mum will too.

  8. Merry Christmas!! So glad you passed the test. Phew!! Lovely projects :)

  9. Your projects are always so colorful! Such a joy to look at!


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