Friday, 10 October 2014

Not an FO Friday

Sorry guys, I was just too slow with getting the buttons sewn on my Grace cardigan and my photographer (aka Mr Soaring Sheep) has been away with work. He's due home in the next couple of hours though so hopefully I can get some photos at the weekend. I tried getting one of the children to photograph me but the pictures were very unflattering and instantly deleted by me :-S


So in the meantime here is a progress shot of my Sea Leaves shawl. The colours are reminding me rather a lot of the film Frozen. My children, like rather a lot of other children their age are obsessed with it lol. Mentally I'm refering to this shawl as my "Elsa shawl" but not saying it outloud or someone will end up stealing it off me when it's finished :-S


I took this photo of my littlest girl today, was rather amused when I noticed how similar the colours of her top are to the yarn. I wonder if Mr Soaring Sheep was subconciously reminded of the top when he chose the yarn :)

Have a good weekend everyone


  1. Love your knitting work and the yarn, both look beautiful! Your little girl is the cutest:) I also delete not flattering pictures of me ... ;)
    Hope you will have a lovely weekend!

  2. First off: what a stunner your littlest girly is! Stunning eyes! And yes, your shawl is gorgeous! Love the (secret) name you have given it! X

  3. Your little girl is so pretty, especially those eyes! Wow!

  4. Lovely shawl, and even lovelier daughter!

  5. Those are my colors -- so intense and cheerful! Your little girl is just beautiful. She has amazing eyes!

  6. That is going to be a beautiful shawl! Your daughter is totally gorgeous, those eyes!

  7. Gorgeous colours and just right for Frozen as you say! xx

  8. What a gorgeous little one. Beautiful skin and striking eyes.
    What a neat skein. My SIL was just telling us today that she had gone to the Disney store and mother's were practically fighting to get a $50 Elsa costume.

  9. That yarn is gorgeous! The shawl will definitely do it justice !


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