Friday, 24 October 2014

FO - Sea Leaves shawl

I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with this pattern. There was an error in the written instructions which hadn't been corrected and then some areas where it was a bit unclear. I basically lost my faith in the pattern and didn't enjoy knitting it much towards the end. I did use the charts which was my first time using lace charts so I guess that was a bonus.

Was also rather irritated that the yardage for the shawl meant I didn't get to the pink bit in my colour changing yarn. I guess I could have frogged back and made it bigger but by the end I was so sick of it I just wanted it done :(


Having had that grumble though I'm actually really pleased with how the shawl turned out. Oh apart from the garter tab cast on which doesn't lie flat :-S I'm being rather unfair here as it was a free pattern but meh :-S


My camera wasn't very happy with the blue colours!



The beads are really pretty, they're royal blue with an irridescent sheen to them. I fancy using them in another project some time, I need a turquoise shawl I think lol


So yeah, mixed feelings towards this shawl, glad it's finished and I like how it's turned out :-) The pattern is straight forward but I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner lace knitter unless they were  looking to push themselves. I expect this shawl will get borrowed by my daughters as the weather gets colder lol.

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  1. Sorry about the pattern but wow, I love the result! It is a beautiful shawl and the colours and the tiny beads are a pleasure to see!! Hope you will wear it with pride and joy!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Ditto! It turned out beautifully in spite of the problems with the pattern and the color changes worked out perfectly.

  3. I hate when patterns are bad, and even more when the pattern is fine but I am making stupid mistakes. LOL Then I have no one but myself to blame it on. But the finished item is lovely, so there is that to console you.

  4. Its beautiful!! You pulled it off! It looks great x

  5. One reason why it sometimes pays to use paid patterns! Also, see this tip on the TechKnitter blog for fixing rolling edges with Latvian surface braids, it might work!

  6. The finished shawl look really stunning.

  7. The colors are gorgeous, the shawl is really very beautiful!

  8. It's lovely. How frustrating to not love knitting the pattern in the end. I've had a few of those. Hopefully your next project is pattern flaw free.

  9. Gorgeous! I find some patterns are tech edited perfectly and sometimes not. If they are free I don't expect much and I'm okay with what I get. However, if I've paid I'm like to think that the payment covers some tech editing and test knitting.

    Lovely gorgeous and wonderful!!

  10. Ooh, the disgruntles. I hope you posted in your project notes the uncorrected errors. The colorway is very pretty, makes one smile. The lace came out very well.

  11. It is very pretty, what a shame you didn't get to your pink though, it would have looked so pretty with all of the colours. I love the beads you chose.


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