Friday, 26 September 2014

FO - Scrappy Birthday Socks

Gosh it's been a positive flurry of posts after weeks of not being around much! We've been at the new house 2.5 weeks now and things are finally starting to feel like they're getting back to normal.

Yesterday was a very special day for Mr Soaring Sheep because he turned 30 :-) I had promised him a new pair of socks but said I didn't think they'd be finished for his birthday. Luckily for me he was working away from early Monday morning until Wednesday evening so that gave me plenty of opportunity to knit the second sock. He arrived home just as I was starting to weave in the ends.


I managed to persuade him to give the children a long play-bath that evening so had around an hour uninterrupted to weave in all the ends. I didn't have time to block them or even wrap them up but he was very chuffed when I presented them to him :-)


You can see his new birthday trousers in that picture too lol. I knitted the socks cuff down with an afterthought heel. Unfortunately with the second cuff (the green one) I not only cast on two too few stitches but I also cast on a bit too tightly as well. Luckily thanks to some brutal stretching and Mr Soaring Sheep's skinny ankles they fit just fine


He's a very happy boy, and I'm looking forward to some more leisurely paced knitting next week!

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  1. Beautiful socks! Happy birthday to your husband. Regula

  2. Well done, that is a great pair of socks!! Happy B-day to you husband!

  3. love these socks!! so cool they are scrappy and coordinated. always funny how the SO can get underfoot when you are trying to create for them lol

  4. Love all the colors on those socks!!

  5. Those are awesome! I love how you coordinated the toes, heels, and cuffs.

  6. Love them!! I need to make a hat with my leftovers like you did with the socks. Not enough of any to make an item, but they would work into a hat.

  7. Great job!!! Happy Birthday Mr Soaring Sheep! xx

  8. There is little more enjoyable than gifting your special guy a new pair of socks!

  9. I just love those socks. Exactly how many ends did you have to weave in?

  10. I am so glad I got to see how these turned out!

  11. These look so fun!! What a thoughtful gift :)


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