Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Managed to persuade Mr Soaring Sheep to give the children a nice long "play bath" so I've had about an hour to myself to weave in all the ends.


They're not blocked and I've not had time to sort out the green cuff but I think they'll do. I was a bit brutal with it and gave it a bit of a stretch which seems to have helped so hopefully they'll go over his feet ok. He's got skinnier legs than me anyway so he should be fine.

Tomorrow we're off out for an adventure, just the two of us. First time we've had a day without the children since our first child was born. Grandparents are babysitting, and we're going to a theme park. What luxury :-)


  1. Lovely socks I hope they fit and have fun with your outing,

  2. fabby socks! have a fantastic day out! x

  3. So pretty! Have a great time on your outing!

  4. How cute that the two of you are going to a theme park. Solid finish on these socks.


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