Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I made some scrappies!

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I'm rather pleased with them :-) The waistband is three different colourways of yarn twisted together and I think it looks really effective. Was a good way of using up yarn scraps and in creating something quirky and unique.

I sold these crops when I'd only started the first leg so was able to customise the legs to be more girly. The customer also wanted them to be mismatched which I like too.

Had a bit of a dilema deciding where and how to join the new yarns. Normally I do a felted join but felt this would look too messy. I ended up using the jogless stripes technique here: http://techknitting.blogspot.com/2007/01/jogless-stripes.html

and I started each new yarn at the front of the work, reasoning that this would be the area under the least amount of strain as the child moves. I hid the leg joins down the inseam.

I'm still working on the skirty. Unfortunately the baby has been having a growth spurt so he's been nursing all the time. Fingers crossed that it's finished for now and the cooler weather expected at the weekend will mean he's not as thirsty.

He's certainly getting bigger though!


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  1. I dont know which is cuter, the baby or the crops! Hands down the baby! Great use of scrap...


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