Saturday, 2 May 2009

Buy British Month!!


A month long WAHM-fest hosted on the Cloth Nappy Addicts forum. This year I've got some exciting collaborations in the pipeline as well as some custom slots with beautiful yarns and hopefully some instock shorties too, baby permitting!

So far I've got 3 tempting woollies knitted up that are going to be part of collaborations with other WAHM's


Already this beautiful set with Weenotions has sold within minutes of being listed. The shorties were made by me last year in Mamalongleg's Sophie colourway. The top is Organic Bamboo Velour in size 2 Years with a seahorse embroidered with colours to match the shorties, and an Organic Bamboo Velour Night Notion with matching embroidery on the back.


The next offering from me will be this set:


It will be listed in my shop as soon as I've taken a photo of it. It's a collaboration with the very talented Claire of Jelly Nose Chic and is absolutely stunning. The yarn was dyed by Mamalonglegs.

Buy British Month isn't just about cloth nappies and soakers though, there are handmade clothes, jewellery even needle felted artwork! Well worth a look :-)


  1. Looking good, Evelyn!!!
    S xXx

  2. the yarn knitted up beautifully. Was such a pleasure to knit


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