Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Progress (sort of)

1 Pair of shorties done:


(Bluebell colourway from Babylonglegs)

Second pair of shorties just need second leg cuff and ends weaving in. Oh and a drawcord.

Third pair of shorties I've got as far as the waistband and a few rows into the body.

I felt a bit fed up of shorties so decided to make some booties for Eli to give me a quick break. Well that was the theory. Cast on 3-6 months, too small. Cast on 6-12 months, sewed up and started second bootie. Realised first bootie was wrong, I'd managed to miss out 4 rows of stockinette stitch. Humph.

I AM going to finish these booties! Even if I am sick of them already. We're going to a wedding so thought he could wear them as part of his wedding outfit. 10 days to go, surely my children and brain will let me concentrate for the hour it takes to do them?

Seriously, one bootie in just an hour. Sounds great doesn't it. Except it's taken me all day to knit one :-(

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  1. LOVE babylonglegs colorways! Those came out really cute


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