Monday, 13 April 2009

Introducing Eli


My not so little bunny finally made an appearance on 8th April 2009. He was born at 43 weeks 4 days gestation and weighed an eye watering 11lb 0.5oz!

He's now 5 days old, chunky as ever (not lost any weight due to constantly breastfeeding!) and a very laid back and happy little chap.

More photos to follow no doubt in time. If anyone is interested in reading his birth story it's on my personal journal here


  1. He is beautiful....well done!

  2. He is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations Evelyn,

  3. Congrats! I lost your link.... thanks for commenting so I could find you again. 11lbs? Did you get a medal? OMG....pass on the newborn clothes!Hes just beautiful, looks just like his sibs!

  4. Thankies :-)

    No medal, but as he stayed in for an extra 4 weeks I think he's skipped the newborn stage altogether. He's even smiling already and he's only just turned 2 weeks old :-o

  5. nomNomNOM.....
    I want to eat him for my tea!


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