Monday, 21 March 2016


I'm finding it tricky juggling things at the moment. The running three times a week is tiring me out, as is the dog walking, puppy classes, driving lessons and tennis lessons. Hopefully the driving lessons will be finished in a couple of months and the running is training for a 5k in a month's time. I'm missing having a bit of time during the day to sit down and knit and catch up with the blogging world. Hopefully things will balance out a bit better soon.


I've not worked on my daughter's cardigan much recently. Bit silly really as all I need to do is two increases at the sides and then just carry on in pattern. The hard part was earlier on while doing the shaping and measuring. Following cable charts is a bit taxing right now lol


I've finished one of my Blueberry Waffle socks and have this second one cast on and ready to go. I'm enjoying working on these. The pattern is relaxing but interesting and the yarn colours are my favourites.

However I've also done one of the classic things a time-frustrated knitter does and that is to cast on more projects. Two in my case, more socks. Because if you're finding it hard to keep working on two projects, why not double the amount? That will work right?


These ones will eventually be for Mr Soaring Sheep. I'm thinking Father's day in June is a nice manageable deadline. And failing that there's his birthday in September lol. He just wants some plain vanilla ones which suits me fine. I've got a second skein of this yarn for me so I'm looking forward to seeing how it knits up and to hopefully inspire me into deciding which pattern I want to make my socks in.


I've also cast on some socks using the self striping yarn I got from Fab Funky Fibres. The pattern is very simple, every time I start a new colour stripe I do a row of yarn over/k2tog. It's from this free pattern if you want to see what it looks like. I thought it made things a bit more interesting to knit without being too taxing for my brain lol.

The children finish school on Thursday for their Easter holidays. Hopefully we'll get some nice weather to go for walks and maybe have a play around at the allotment. We went down a couple of weekends ago and got some onion sets in and have lots of seed packets for things we want to try to grow. Hopefully this year we'll have more time to put into it with Mr Soaring Sheep no longer working away all week. The puppy thinks it's a great place to visit. I do wonder what our plot neighbours thought of the muddy paw prints over their white fleece ground covering :-p



  1. I just love the blue/purple/brown stripes! I like that free pattern - easy enough to jazz up the stripes. You are juggling so many things! I hope you are getting to de-stress on your runs. What an adorable picture of the pup <3

  2. Maybe I should take some of your projects on for you. I have finished a sweater and now can't decide which big project to start!! So I started a hat.

  3. You really are juggling lots at the moment. The weather forecast is not looking good for Easter weekend, I am hoping its wrong, lets face it, they rarely get it right. Take care.

  4. You are a warrior. I understand about the whole dedication to running. You feel great and are doing wonders for your body, but at the same time, it does take up time. The sparkly yarn is great. Makes me wonder if I should knit my man a pair of socks for Papa's Day or save it for Christmas?

  5. I was exhausted just reading your first sentences. You have SO much on your plate. So, of course, casting on more projects is the perfect solution! At least, that's what I would do. The sweater looks very complicated, so I can see how having some socks to work on is helpful.

  6. Ouch, I'm finding exactly the same problem with having a baby around, so presumably it can only get worse?!

  7. Such beautiful yarns, I love all the colours. Hopefully, life will slow a little soon and you will be able to appreciate them all again!

  8. Gosh you have a lot on right now. I hope that you can find some time for yourself and that once a few things are done the pressures on your time will ease up a bit. xx

  9. Oh you do have some gorgeous colour yarns on the needles at the moment - just the thing to brighten up a few grey days!

  10. that sweater is filled with texture!! love it! one day you will have time and that is okay that you are filled with everyday life :)

  11. You do sound busy I don't how you find time for knitting! Having a puppy is hard work especially with the training! Sarah x


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