Thursday, 31 March 2016


I was planning on showing you my latest finished socks yesterday. I was planning to give them a quick wash and block and then getting some photos in the sunshine. I was planning on casting on a new pair with some stash yarn I'd chosen. I was planning on having a productive morning and relaxing in the afternoon.

I wasn't planning on finding my skein of yarn looking like this


I wasn't planning on spending 6 hours untangling it


I forgot to plan for this little scamp


He's not really sorry. He probably thought he was being helpful


6 hours of my life wasted thanks to this monkey!



Instead today I thought I'd show you how my smarties socks are looking. You can see the pattern now with the yarn overs and decreases each time the colours change. I'm enjoying them, nice and simple to work on


I've been a lucky girl this morning. Mr Soaring Sheep ordered me a skein of sock yarn for Mother's day. Unfortunately somewhere along the route to me it got lost in the post. He chose me a second yarn and it arrived today. It's very pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing how the coloured sections knit up with the white. It's from Devon Sun Yarns and is the "Berry Splash" colourway


The little lavender sachet it came with has made the room smell lovely. I'm going to stick it in my yarn box :)

So today I'm planning on weaving in the ends on my socks and blocking them to show you soon. I'm planning on casting on a new pair of socks with my untangled yarn. I'm planning on having some chill out time while the children play.

But first, I think I need to plan on taking Pippin out for a walk to burn off some energy ;-)



  1. Been there, done that - but with cats instead of pups! At least our dog is not interested in yarn ...

    Love the socks! And I can't wait to see the new skein once it is knitted.

  2. I once spent 2 days winding yarn that had become very knotted. It was in a job lot that I bought at my local market. I actually found it very therapeutic.

  3. Poor pup, he was just investigating that lovely chew toy, um, yarn.

  4. Six hours! You are a patient person. Really, a yarn saint!
    I've noticed that neither dogs nor cats feel regret over yarn disasters. They are lucky that they are so cute!
    I love your Mother's Day yarn and can't wait to see how it looks knitted up!

  5. Sneaky puppy. Oh boy; glad though the yarn wasn't damaged and you were able to sort it out. My gosh, six hours. I would've taught the pup some new, colorful words during that time. Thank goodness for some new yarn and some zippy yarn pop in them socks.

  6. I know I shouldn't BUT it did make me smile. You are indeed a saint, I don't think I would have had the patience.

  7. I love to untangle yarn...I know I'm weird. I think you will look fondly on that untangling day when your pup is old and not getting into mischief!! lovely socks on the needles :)


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