Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Autumn Walks and FO - Rainshine Shawl

Mr Soaring Sheep has managed to get my laptop fixed at work, it was an update that had broken the loading program but he was able to delete the update and now everything works the way it should. In fact it works better as it had been slow for a while before it eventually died. Huzzah :-)

It's half term here so I've got the four little monsters darlings at home for this week. Yesterday we decided to make the most of the sunshine and go for a walk round the nearby country park. I also took the opportunity to get some photos of my newly finished shawl.




I love this part of the walk to the country park. Church yards are such peaceful places and with the sun shining on the Autumn leaves it was beautiful to walk through.


Maybe not quite so peaceful when my brood are around :-S



My eldest boy asked to wear my shawl so I was able to get some photos of it being modelled :-)




The shy one (not) wanted to pose for some photos too. I took quite a few but this one really sums up her personality lol


Halfway round the circular route is a playground. Whilst the children burned off some energy I was able to get some more shawl photos




That cast off took me over 3 hours, I had to keep getting up to walk around and stretch my legs lol.




I really enjoyed this pattern, apart from the tedious cast off! I'm a little disappointed about the width of the shawl as I prefer them a tad bigger. I could possibly try blocking it out again to try to stretch some more width out of it or if I made it again I might make the stockinette section larger. The actual lace section was very straight-forward and well written like all Booknits patterns. I'm pleased with how it's come out though and I'm looking forward to wearing it this Winter :-)

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  1. What gorgeous models you have! LOL Beautiful day, sweet kids, lovely shawl. I'd say it's a win-win-win!

  2. Great shawl. The lace looks so delicate, giving the shawl a vintage look. Your kids are funny and so full of spunk, especially the little ham.

  3. Your shawl is incredibly beautiful!!! I adore it!!! Beautiful colour too and the beads are so lovely around the edge. Glad that your computer is all fixed and better than before! xx

  4. Great shawl, I've not tried beading yet, but do love to knit shawls, though agree the cast off can be really time consuming. Enjoy the holidays

  5. The shawl turned out great! I love how the tips of the lace are weighted by the beads. And what I'm really impressed with is that your son modeled it for you! Mine would not be so accommodating ;)

  6. gorgeous shawl and I love the photos!! Spooky and fun :)

  7. Beautiful shawl and some gorgeous photos, love the one of your daughter in the hat.

  8. I love how your son was a willing model. The beads are a lovely touch. Nice little photo shoot in the cemetry really suits the lace shawl design.

  9. Glad to have discovered a new blog. The shawl is stunning. Looks like a lovely autumnal walk. Have a lovely weekend. Leah xxx

  10. Wow, your shawl looks amazing.


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