Monday, 5 October 2015

A New Project

I've finally finished Mr Soaring Sheep's sweater. It's washed, blocked and dried ready for him to model for photos at some point. I can't wait to show you, I'm so pleased with it.

As a reward for getting it finished I decided to cast on some lace yarn that's been sat in a project bag, wound in a ball for aaaaaaages. I bought the yarn over 3 years ago with the specific intention of making this pattern so I'm excited to finally get it on the needles


It's hard to tell but the yarn is a lovely warm grey colour with a hint of pink to it. It's by Dye for Yarn and is tussah silk in a one of a kind colourway called "Forgotten Dream of a Rose". I love this shop's colourways, so vibrant. The names are pretty cool too lol


To bring out the pink of the yarn I'm using these pink beads with silver lining. I'm going for a more subtle yarn/bead combination this time, hoping for something elegant.

The pattern is one of Boo Knits designs called Rainshine. I haven't decided if I'll do the long drops on the edging or not yet, will see how I feel when I get there I guess


I've acquired another bunch of gladioli but these ones don't seem to be opening as quickly. I've treated them the same way as the previous bunches, cutting a bit off the stems on a diagonal angle, fresh water with the sachet of plant food mixed in, same place in lounge etc. Does anyone have any tips? I've added lemonade or sugar to water in the past to make flowers open so I might give that a try later :-S

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy a bit of shawl knitting. I'm eager to get to the lace and beads part. Have a good week everyone


  1. Congrats on the finish! Great choice for a next project - I love Boo Knits patterns. Have fun with your lace and beads.

  2. Can't wait to see the sweater. Congratulations on finishing a man-sized sweater!
    The flowers look promising, and I'm totally in love with the border on your mirror!

  3. I can't wait to see that sweater!!!! Love your new project and the beads :)

  4. Those pink beads are going to look so good with that yarn. I am usually trying to stop flowers opening to quickly! Have you put them somewhere warm? Sarah x

  5. This is a lovely colourway. I think the pink beads will compliment the shawl wonderfully.

  6. What a gorgeous yarn! Looks so soft and airy! Love the color!

  7. Looking forward to seeing your husbands jumper and your new knit - that yarn is beautiful!! xx


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