Thursday, 24 September 2015

FO - Stormy Seas Rainbow Socks

It's Mr Soaring Sheep's birthday tomorrow so naturally he had to have a new pair of socks. It's tradition right?  Pattern-wise they're nothing particularly special, just plain vanilla with a fish lips kiss heel but what they lack in stitch patterns they more than make up for in colour


Aren't they fab :-D He chose the yarn out of several stash options I suggested and has seen them as a WIP so he knows mostly what they'll look like but I did the last few inches while he was away so he's not seen them finished


He's very knitworthy and has been wearing his knitted socks all year so I know these ones will be loved too :-)



Even the chickens thought they were interesting ;-) Still no eggs from any of them, hope they start laying soon otherwise it might not happen until after the Winter which would be irritating. Then again if eggs were that important we wouldn't have got pekins who aren't known for their egg production...

I got some fluffy post this morning, some toys for the puppy :-D Probably not going to get much more for him/her at the moment as we'll wait and see what type of toy they enjoy. Figured this was a good starting mix and lots of things to chew on during teething. Still another 6 weeks before they're old enough to leave their Mum so I'm trying not to buy too much just yet. It might be a different story in a month's time, I have A List!


  1. Love how the yarn stitched up on the socks! Cute chickens hopefully they become adjusted to their new home and begin to produce.

  2. Absolutely stunning color! And your chickens are so cute!

  3. That sock yarn is awesome. Your hens are so neat. I like how they have feathers all the way down to their feet. Your children must be rubbing their hands in anticipation at the soon arrival of their puppy.

  4. Lovely socks! Puppies!! I can't wait to see yours come home.

  5. Such fun socks! That colorway knit up so nicely. I think the chickens are really cute. Is it possible to have such "fluffy" chickens?

  6. I am so impressed with Mr. SS's taste in socks. It is great that he doesn't insist on black or gray!


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