Monday, 28 September 2015

An Afternoon at Grimsthorpe

We had quite a busy weekend. Saturday was chores and visiting the puppies. They're two weeks old now, their eyes are open and they're getting noisier. They still sleep a lot though, especially when someone is giving them a cuddle

Puppy Whisperer

One of the breeders snapped this photo of my eldest boy being a "Puppy Whisperer" :-)

We're not seeing them again for another two weeks by which point they'll be much more active and playful. Can't wait :-)

On Sunday we visited my in-laws for a BBQ and afterwards they suggested we visited Grimsthorpe castle for a walk round the lake. Despite living in Lincolnshire for 8 years I'd never actually been and as it was such a lovely day we jumped at the chance for an explore.




Such an amazing view^^




This week is the first week in months that Mr Soaring Sheep is working locally and coming home at a sensible time every evening rather than being away Monday-Thursday. I think finding a new routine is going to be strange but it's so good to have him home again :-)

And he loved his Birthday socks :-D


  1. Oh boy, who could resist a puppy? I love the shot of your kids burnin' asphalt. As a parent it is always fun to see one's babes having innocent, uninhibited fun.

  2. How fabulous to live in a place with castles! That must be so magical for your children!

  3. A lovely day out in the run up to puppies arrival! xx


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