Monday, 4 May 2015

My Garden - May 2015

Everything in the garden seems to be having a growth spurt lately. Every day there is something new to notice and looking back through my posts for March and April you can see how much lusher and more colourful everything is


We're using the garden much more now too. Not having many meals out there yet but we've had some lovely sunny days playing outside building dens, reading and yes hanging the washing out too ;-)

I'm really enjoying this plant at the moment, it's a "Centaurea", a type of cornflower



The flowers start off as purple buds, then open to this electric blue before fading to a reddish purple. So pretty


My Queen of the Night tulips are blooming away. The previous people living here had planted some around the garden too so they've been popping up all over the place.


They also planted quite a lot of lillies, including a couple of these monster ones! I think they're known as tree lillies? Very much looking forward to seeing these flowers, look how huge the stem is already :-o



I bought these frilly pansies as a reduced tray in mid Winter. I think one or two died but the rest are full of flowers. I love bargain plants lol



I've got a few lupin plants scattered around the garden and I noticed that this one has the beginings of a flower spike starting. How exciting!



Mr Soaring Sheep bought me two of these happy windmills, aren't they fun? I was pathetically over excited by them lol. You can see the massive hibiscus plant my Mum gave me on the right is just starting to grow leaves.


I've got some scented narcissus still flowering but aside from them my pots are full of tulips instead. There are some tulip buds getting ready though, I guess this pot doesn't get as much sunlight so everything's a bit further behind


Another heuchera, I love these plants. Mr Soaring Sheep got me this one for my birthday


I planted up the hanging baskets at the front and back of the house with some Summer plants. There are two or three trailing geraniums in this one and a fuschia too although you can't really see it from this angle



Does anyone else have some garden posts to share?


  1. I'm amazed at how much ours has grown in the last month too. Love your pink chair.

    1. Thanks, it's an old table and chair set that needed some tlc so we decided to pick a tasteful colour ;-)

  2. beautiful flowers, purple/blue flowers are my favorite!!

    1. Thanks :) We tried to get a few blue flowers in the garden although aside from the Centaura none of them are out yet

  3. Those tulips are like an Argentine tango, sultry-grownup-hear that woman roar. Your bright pops of color (windmills & chair) in your garden made me smile. Your garden makes pansies look good.

  4. Your garden looks so cheerful, I love bulb flowers, especially the tulips! Not too much to show from our garden just now as we're coming into Winter and are planning on bringing in more soil and doing a bit of an overhaul. Hopefully by Springtime (Australian Spring, that is!) it will be looking good enough to show off again :)

  5. Thank you :) I love bulbs too, I love that time in late Winter/early Spring where you start to see little shoots popping up from the ground

  6. Your garden is looking so lovely! I love the Queen of the Night bulbs we have always had them in our garden. having moved in September I wasn't organised to buy some and I am regretting it now. Your heuchera is a lovely colour !

    1. Thank you :) We moved here in September too but as it's our first owned home I was rather over excited about getting plants in the garden. It was pretty empty when we moved in, not any more lol

  7. Hello, Evelyn!
    Your blog is lovely, happy and colourful, and your knitting projects are really beautiful. :)
    I leave my first comment here, because I love Queen of the Night tulips and your lovely pansies and lupins. Our lupins are a mixture of cultivars that for years have reproduced naturally, and this year I noticed more clearly than before how some have their young leaves purple and some green.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Aw thank you :-) I actually saw some purple-ish leaved lupins in the garden centre this weekend and thought of you. I hope my lupins keep coming back year after year too :)

  8. Beautiful garden! We don't have any flowers (yet) in our yard. This looks so perfectly relaxing :)

  9. Having a garden that you can actually use and live in is so important. When I moved into my new house the garden was just a patch of wild grass. The task of redeveloping it was way past my expertise, so I used a local garden landscaping company who designed a new and useable garden for me. I love it!

    Norberto @ Thorburn Landscapes

  10. Amazing Job! For such a tiny little area, there is an explosion of color all around. Those flowers all blooming at the same time is the fruit of all that hard labor that you put into making the yard look so inviting. Wait until the butterflies find your yard and flowers, then you will have some great photographs to share with us.


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