Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sock-es and Swatch-es

It's a sunny day, the children are back at school and the house is quiet. It feels very peaceful. I've done a few housework-y jobs but I'm mostly just enjoying having some time to myself. I thought I'd take some photos of the Rye socks I made for Mr Soaring Sheep. They're still a little damp from washing and blocking so he's not had a chance to wear them yet


Inspired by Hege's socks I knitted my usual sock pattern over 64 stitches and did the middle twenty stitches in garter stitch (alternating knit and purl rows). Very simple and straight forward to knit but looks nice too :-)


I did a gusset heel because I like the fit and finish of it :-) The toe was Judy's magic cast on and despite the first picture it does fit properly, it's just that he has bigger feet than me so the sock blockers aren't long enough!


I'm already making my way through my next pair of socks using the beautiful yarn I got for my birthday. It's addictive knitting, just one more stripe...


However I'm going to have to be strong and work on something else instead. I'm going to be joining in with the Rays of Gold MKAL by Elena Nodel so I need to get a move on and do some swatching. I'm hoping I can use this gorgeous yarn from Wildflower Whimsy but it's a worsted so it might be a bit thick. If not I'll have to go back to my stash and see what I can find


I'm having lots of fun with crafting at the moment :-) Is anyone else joining in with Elena's mystery KAL? Are you super organised with yarn and swatches done or are you leaving it to the last minute like me?

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  1. Sock knitting; here you go again! Have a nice week. Regula

  2. I love addictive knitting of just one more row. I'm nearing the end of my gloves and I chant, just one more finger :)

  3. I think you've inspired me to start some socks! Those are gorgeous!

  4. I'm recently addicted to socks too! I LOVE your birthday sock yarn--gorgeous! The yarn you've chosen for the MKAL is a stunner too!

  5. The shades of blue in those socks is amazing. Striping socks are just so much fun. And those last little bright cakes of yarn are just so happy!

  6. It's very nice, and looks warm, I'll do some for next winter:)

  7. Great pair of socks for your hub. I like how it has some texture but also some traditional stockinette. Fun to see the loud and daring sock yarn.

  8. The Rye socks came out great! I loved the pattern, but didn't try them as I don't use thick worsted weight socks. It was a "duh" moment when I read you description above on how easy it is to translate the concept to sock yarn. Now I'm definitely going to give them a try!

  9. It's interesting to see how something so simple like a bit of garter stitch can make socks look way more complicated and interesting.

  10. Your beautiful stitchery makes these elegantly simple socks shine.

  11. Lovely socks...someday I will knit some too! I love the shades of blue, and also the bright stripes of your next pair!
    Helen xxx

  12. I love the garter stitch in the middle. It looks great!

  13. They look fab!
    Glad I could inspire you :)

  14. They look fantastic - its always great when something so simple turns out to work so very well!


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