Friday, 2 August 2013

FO Friday - Summer Storm vest

Today I'd like to share the second of the mystery KAL's I did during July. This one is the boy/unisex design called Summer Storm


It's a lovely pattern to knit, the basket stitch works up very quickly and despite me putting the finishing touches off for ages they're not at all difficult.


I would apologise for the pictures but I guess anyone who's ever tried to take photos of a 6 year old have had similar results!


He does love his pockets. They were simple after-thought pockets so not too much sewing involved. Suits me lol


I knitted this with a bamboo cotton yarn so it's lovely and cool and silky. Perfect for Summer :-) And machine washable which suits little boys ;-)


And here's a quick shot of the back


Thanks for reading. My blog's going to get a little quieter for the next couple of weeks as I'm off on my holidays. I've got some posts scheduled though sharing some details of my holiday projects and reviews of some of my favourite knitting and crochet books so I hope you can pop over for a little look some time :-)

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday. I'm off to do some more packing and have a look at the other FO Friday posts on Tamis Amis


  1. It looks really good. Love the colour. It really suits him.

  2. Love the knit and the action shots really do make it. I know my boys are fun to see modelling pieces, you have to be very quick with the camera. Such a lovely colour you chose for it also. Enjoy the holidays.

  3. haha, I can absolutely relate. We had our family photos taken and I told the photographer to just go with it, out family is goofy and if everyone were smiling and looking like the stock photos you find in frames I wouldn't know it was them.

    The vest is awesome, great colour too!

  4. Great job and the pictures are so fun. Its great that he loves it so much. I had trouble getting my son to wear anything I made for him.

  5. Great looking vest - love the colour and the structure of it - and your model did a great job:) !

  6. I think that type of pose lasts well into the early teens when they decline to pose at all :)
    Looks like it fits perfectly! And I'm entirely in agreement with his opinion of pockets!

  7. I so like the summery sky color. It's perfect for him. He is a funny one with a lively personality!


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