Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Quick Hat

On Thursday I was feeling a bit meh about finishing off my holiday socks (finally done them today so photos to follow at a later date) and fancied something quick and cheerful. I've had my eye on the Woolly Owl Hat for a while and decided a crochet project in chunky yarn would be just perfect for my mood. It worked up so quickly and I'm so pleased with it :-)


My son is also pleased with it, he's just not very smiley for photos right now *sigh*

I made some nice long tassels for the ear flaps which he loves (please excuse the mess on his t shirt, apparently cheese and tomato on toast is very difficult to eat...)


The multicoloured yarn in the tassels and edging was left over from some mittens I made for Mr Soaring Sheep. The grey yarn is left over from my Owls jumper. The eyes and beak were from some other left overs. A truly stash busting project and one that will keep my son warm when the Winter comes. He's barely taken it off since I finished it!


My new project is another stash busting one. It's a Sleuthing hoody for my littlest girl who has had a growth spurt recently. Yay for scrappy projects!


Have a good weekend people! Hope the sun shines :-)


  1. Love the scrappy top! The owl hat is cute too.

  2. You should collage these and frame it for his room or your hallway. Totally shows his personality.

  3. love the owl hat, the 3rd picture has got to be my favorite. I have reached a point with the kids and pictures ... if they look at the camera that in it self is a victory, smiles are bonus points ... silly faces are the standard.


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