Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sunny Wednesday WIP

I don't want to tempt fate but there might just be some blue in the sky today and possibly slightly less of a chill in the air. Could Spring finally be here? Oh I do hope so!

It's the Easter holidays for my children at the moment so I'm not getting much crafting time. I find it takes them a few days to settle in to being at home together and learning how to play together again. I *think* we might be there now, they are currently playing with a new farm set my parents brought round when they visited Easter Monday. I found this version yesterday afternoon but from the sound of things today's has a few more cars and helicopters...!


My cardigan is slowly growing. I've separated the sleeve stitches now, done some decreases on the back and now I'm just adding some length before the interesting bit starts. The safety pins on the sleeve are to remind me where the start of the cable repeat is


I've added just 13 squares to my blanket although I've planned out the remaining 3 for that side and then the squares for the other at 90 degrees so the finished blanket will be 11 x 9 instead of 10 x 8 as I was originally aiming for. Once I've done those, woven in the ends and added a border it will be the perfect size for a certain little monkey's bed.

"Little monkey?" you say? Surely not. Well actually yes she is. You see this innocent little face?


Well look what she did!


Pulled off my new cushion >:-S


Took us a while to find where she'd hidden them all, the last ones were in the bin. Should be fixable so not the end of the world. She was not very popular this morning though! Little monkey indeed!

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  1. That purple is beautiful! And my little monkeys would definitely do the same thing to anything new that I have :-) Luckily it is fixable! I have resigned myself to nothing new until the kiddos are a bit older :-)

  2. Hide the evidence - good thinking on her part! Looks like the cardi is really coming along. Can't wait to see it all done :)

  3. hee hee! bless her..cardi looking good!

  4. LOL!!! OMGosh, your lil' one is like mine. She took stuff apart and opened up drawers and drew on the walls. And look at that adorable face. Never a dull moment with ones like those.
    That farm set rocks!

  5. Oh you have a little ratbag too!! Glad you managed to find them all. Your cardigan is looking lovely!

  6. You've finished the most time consuming part of the cardigan, it should really finish up quickly from here. I love the purple! I'm excited to see how the blanket comes out.

  7. Oh no! Your poor cushion! Deliciously rascally, love it!


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