Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WIP Wednesday

I've spent the day trying to load up approx 450 photos on Flickr from my holiday in August. It took a while and then when it finished I ran out of time to make this post. However the children are now all in bed so I've got a few minutes.

I've finished my MKAL shawl, it's beautiful and I will post photos soon. I've loaded up photos of my wedding shawl and I'll be posting about that on Friday. Currently I am working on a Bloom dress for a friend's little girl. I've done the first two lace patterns and now have to repeat them before doing the final pattern at the hem. It's hard to see on the photo I'm afraid because it was taken on my phone just now and the light's not very good.


You can also see my granny stripe blanket behind it which I've barely touched this week. I'll start working on it again once I've finished the dress.

As I've taken so long sorting out posts for FO Fridays I'm going to cheat a bit and show a couple of projects I completed over the past few weeks. Firstly a crocheted soaker for Ava using the Peppermint Soaker pattern. I love how much faster crochet is to work up although I would like to try a different pattern at some point as I prefer more of a gusset fit.


Ava ended up wearing this soaker under her dress at our wedding and then over our holiday so it's a bit worn now on the bottom. I like the shaping along the back although it doesn't show up very well in this picture


My other project to show off is my Framlingham. What can I say, I love this pattern. Just the right amount of mindless knitting but with a bit of detailing and shaping to make it interesting. I made the 35" size with an inch of negative ease. I added a bit of extra length to it as the original instructions, even those for the tall size weren't quite long enough for me but as it's knitted top down it wasn't a problem to adjust. After 4 children I'm a bit self conscious about my stomach and as I've got a fairly long body anyway I felt more comfortable with the extra length. I need to take some proper photos of it next time we get some sunshine but here are a couple of modeled shots from our holiday



I love the fit of it and it's definitely something I'd like to knit again. I quite fancy a dark grey one :-)

Thanks for reading such a long post. Please check out Tami's Amis for other WIP wednesday posts :-)

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