Monday, 6 August 2012



Well that's going to look great in the wedding photos!


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    1. lol yeah, on Wednesday :-)

    2. yay! Brill! And ironically doing similar things again! We're getting married in 5 weeks :0) x

    3. lol how funny! Congratulations :-) Let me know if you make any other big life changing decisions so I know what we'll be doing next ;-)

    4. pahahaha! ;0)
      Congratulations to you both too :0)
      And we're trying to do the low-key thing too, I've been good and not posted the date on faceache (much to people's annoyance!!) Although still ended up spending a fortune as family insisted on a reception *sigh* nevermind!
      Hope all goes well! Dont forget to post some pics :0) x

    5. thank you :-)

      We're just having a picnic at a local country park after going to the registry office. We booked the smallest room available for weddings so there is only going to be both sets of parents, my 2 brothers, Ric's sister and her boyfriend.

      I'm sure your reception will be lovely and lots of fun :-)

      I'll definitely be posting pics at some point although we're off camping for 3 weeks afterward so might be a bit tricky to find time. Might have to do some scheduled posts lol


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