Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I'm back!!

We had a lovely "honeymoon"/Summer holiday. 11 days camping in Cornwall (it rained every day except 1) and then 5 days camping in my parents' garden on the Isle of Wight. I think it rained most of those days as well. Oh well, it wouldn't be a British Summer if it didn't involve getting wet at some point lol.

As it's a Wednesday I thought I'd share with you my two current WIP's. The first is my Granny stripes blanket. I worked out I needed to do 6 repeats of the 17 colour pattern and my goal for this month was to finish the second repeat. Well I took the blanket on holiday with me and well... take a look!


I'm now onto the fifth pattern repeat! I'm very much enjoying it, the right amount of mindlessness and it works up so quickly. It's getting a bit big to cart around now but it was lovely working on it in the evenings in the tent with it draped over my lap, it's so warm :-)

My other WIP is a lace shawl, the Boo Knits Mystery KAL. As it's a mystery KAL I can't share on photos on here. I was still away when the first clue was released so I'm a little behind at the moment. Luckily the first part of the pattern is very simple and quick to knit up so hopefully I'll catch up soon. For now, here's a quick picture of the yarn and beads I'm using. I can't wait to see the next clue and to be able to show you the finished shawl


Hopefully I'll be organised to do a FO Friday post to show off my wedding shawl and my Framlingham. Actually I might split them over two weeks as the Framlingham needs a quick wash and de-bobbling as it got a lot of use on holiday! See you later in the week!


  1. The granny stripe is looking lovely!

    1. thank you, I've just been reading through your blog posts, Christmas crafting already... I am in awe!

  2. Oh wow, you're a machine ! can't wait to see how it turns out !

    1. lol it's only single bed sized and crochet is pretty quick anyway. It's been my only project while on holiday so in the evenings I'd sit and work on it while my OH read his book


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