Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lavanda WIP

I tried to post this last night using my phone but it all got a bit messy and I ended up deleting everything I had typed which was rather frustrating! So here I am doing it on the laptop properly :-)

This is my current WIP, it's a Lavanda cardigan for my eldest, I'm knitting the 6T size.


The cables at the bottom continue down the length of the skirt part which will flare out a bit. The sleeves will have cables running down them but currently they are just being held by some scrap yarn while I do the main part. I'm probably going to do a hood as well hence the provisional cast on using a crochet chain at the top. I did a different provisional cast on for the Neverland Peter hoody I made but I couldn't find the video for it again so I tried this one instead. Hopefully the scrap yarn will be easy to undo!

The yarn I'm using is Debbie Bliss Fez which was reduced in the John Lewis sale. It's a slightly more reddish purple than the photo shows. It's got camel hair in it as well as merino and is beautifully soft. I must admit I am rather amused to be knitting with camel hair! I clearly need to get out more!!

In other news, my little Squishy is 10 months old today! She's getting so big! She's got 4 teeth now and the most gorgeous cheeky grin :-)

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