Friday, 13 January 2012

FO Friday

So here are the proper photos of the Neverland hoody


The yarn was dyed by me using food colouring and a large slow cooker!



On the whole I think the pattern was a good beginner pattern. The stockinette sections were easy to knit although the moss stitch was mind-numbingly boring at times! I like how it looks though :-) My son is an average sized 4 year old and the pattern fits about right. It is on the narrower side so I don't know if he'll be wearing it next winter. Luckily he has two younger siblings it can get passed down to!

I'm not sure if I will knit this pattern again. If I do I'll probably add some cables or some sort of interesting stitch pattern to make it a bit more challenging. I probably won't make the bigger size but I might make a Neverland Wendy for Ava when she's a bit bigger :-)

I think he likes it though!



  1. Ooh I like it!! Those buttons are fab too. I wanted to do a FO Friday today but need to get something finished first ;)

  2. Thanks! I finished it last week but scheduled this post for FO Friday. This Friday I don't have anything finished lol


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