Friday, 23 December 2011

Owl Milo

I finished this Milo recently for my eldest. It wasn't originally going to be a Christmas present but she has asked for me to wrap it up for her anyway


I love the cable pattern, I'm really in the mood to knit cables at the moment, they look so pretty. I keep adding patterns to my ravelry queue

Isn't it lovely :-)


I've finished making a Spring Time in Hollis cardigan for Ava but not taken a photo yet as it's still drying after blocking. I need to get some buttons and do the i-cord tie as well.

My new love however is knitting a mobius/moebius. SO MUCH FUN! It's like magic! You have to do a special cast on first, I used this video

And then watch your knitting grow. The cast on forms the centre of the cowl and the cast off edge makes the outsides. I knitted up a cowl using bulky yarn in a couple of hours one evening. I'll post a photo of it in another post as it is also drying from blocking. I used a tweed yarn by Rowan which was rather scratchy at first but I put a little lanolin in the water when I washed it and it's now beautifully soft. I knit the smaller size from the pattern and it was a little bit too tight round my neck for me, so my 6 year old will be getting it for Christmas and I will make myself another one. And then I'm going to make one for my Mum. And then I think I might make one in a different weight yarn, maybe DK or sock yarn so it's a bit more drapey. Ooo they are fun!!

At the moment however I am currently knitting a Neverland Peter hoody for my 4 year old. He insists on growing so he only has one hoody that fits him and it's not knitted. He has as Milo but when he wears it with a short-sleeve top his arms get chilly. Bless!

I'm really enjoying having the leisure time to knit new patterns. My Other Half is on holiday this week and next so he's been fab at entertaining the children now and again while I get some knitting time. I wonder if he'd like a moebius too? ;-)


  1. I love the owl Milo, I must make my girls some.

  2. Thank you :-) They knit up very quickly, it's a lovely pattern. And there are several different cable options, I fancy doing a OXOXO cable next. Or maybe a heart one on a pink milo for Squishy to wear on Valentines day :-p


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