Saturday, 17 December 2011

A few recent orders

I've had a few customs recently so thought I'd show them off in this post and then save some of my other knitting for another day.

These woollies went to a friend on mine, she wanted bright colours. I think we can agree that the colourways she chose fulfilled that!


The soaker is made using a lovely turquoise colourway by Wharfedale Woolworks (the name of the colourway has completely gone out of my head this evening!)


The longies were made using Pixieknit's Violet Rainbow colourway which is one of my favourites. Unfortunately the light wasn't too good when I took these photos so the colours look a bit washed out. They are far more beautiful in real life


I've also been enjoying making some Scrappies, I love putting the colourways together and seeing the completely unique woollies it creates. These girly ones are lovely and bright with a gentle ruffle cuff


This pair the customer requested matching black trim for both the waistband and legs and it really makes the colours pop. I think I'll be making some more pairs like this in the future!


I've also made a couple of baby hats over the past two weeks. One for Ava in the vague hope it will stay on her head and another for my friend's little girl who had her first birthday yesterday. Unfortunately she also likes to pull hats off, silly babies!

Over the past few days I've been knitting something for my eldest. She's very pleased with it but has asked me to wrap it up for Christmas. I need to wash and block it first but here's a sneaky peek:



  1. Oh wow I love those scrappies, they are gorgeous!! I agree that they look really funky with the black trim, they are fab!

  2. Thank you, I think I'll do some more Scrappies like that for my shop at some point as I've got plenty of black yarn left

  3. Oooh, those longies and soaker look familiar ;)


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