Thursday, 14 July 2011

Morrie's Milo

I've had this pattern in my queue on Ravelry for a while now. I think I bought it and printed it off before I got pregnant with Ava. I even bought some beautiful green yarn from Babylonglegs to knit one with.

Well, I finally got round to it and I'm so pleased with how it turned out:


Morrie refers to it as his "Crocodile top" because the yarn colourway was named "Hungry Crocodile" and he says the cabling looks like a crocodile's tail >.<

I'm looking forward to knitting this pattern again, it's well written and knits up quickly. Morrie has asked for a red one and he has told me I need to make a blue one for his brother. Such demanding children I have... I'll have to convince my OH to let me go yarn shopping!


  1. Wow that looks great and so versatile too, with a long sleeved top it will be perfect for winter.

  2. It's such a nice pattern and there are instructions for several different cables. I want to do an owl one at some point :-)

  3. He is right it really does look like a crocodile's tail :-). Great pattern xx

  4. I've just been to have a look at the pattern. The owls are gorgeous. Which size to did you do for Morrie and roughly how much yarn? I have so many single skeins that need a project xx

  5. I did the 4 years/ 23" chest size for Morrie because that was the biggest my pattern had. I think I printed it off a while ago before the larger sizes were added. It's got plenty of growing room in it, he's an average sized 4 year old. It took just over a skein but I guess you could do the top part in one colour and the stockinette section in a different one :-)


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