Friday, 1 July 2011

Bayside Britches

I knitted these dungarees while I was pregnant, these are the 6-9 month size and are a good fit on my average sized 3 month old but with plenty of room to grow as well. The yarn was a custom dye on merino by For The Love of Fibre. I asked for Peacock colours and this is what she came up with :-)


I'm currently knitting an In Threes cardigan for my big girl and then I'll knit a matching one for my little girl. Going to get buttons for them tomorrow, I'm using a purple/pink/black colourway from 100purewool called "Poison" so I'm going to see if I can get some shiny silver buttons to stand out against the yarn. Or at least that's what my plan is, I may come back with something completely different!

This is my second time knitting the In Threes pattern. I don't think I loaded the photo onto flickr so can't link to it but here's a copy on my projects page on Ravelry :-)

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