Friday, 12 December 2008

Longies and WIP's

Here are some custom longies that were part of a collab with Wonderfull Colours for Buy British Month on the Cloth Nappy Addicts forum. The colourway is called Forest Whispers.


No idea why the legs pooled so differently. They were knitted with the same ball of yarn, same number of stitches etc.

They're to be posted today as they're now dry from lanolising. Just need to do the drawstring.

Next, here are my current WIP's


A Ribbed Baby Jacket for Bump knitted in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. The safety pin is so I can count how many rows I've done cos I get easily confused doing it in my head!


A Hudson hat for my youngest brother for Christmas. I'm making it a bit longer than the basic pattern states cos he's got a big head and he's 6ft 6 so I want it to look more in proportion lol.


A Turtle Butt soaker for my little boy. Started this in October but I've got to a bit where I need some time to concentrate on it and during the day that's impossible with the children around and by the evening I'm falling asleep. Hopefully over Christmas when DP is home I'll be able to complete it.


This will eventually be an Easy Drop Stitch Scarf knitted with some handspun yarn by Mamalonglegs. The first picture shows the colours a bit truer although it was taken with flash. The picture below shows how the pattern is developing. This is one of those pick up and knit a couple of rows at a time projects. It's nice mindless knitting :-)


Hopefully I'll have some FO's to post about soon

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  1. I did that once before and all I can figure is that if you knit both at once you can't use one ball and both ends because the repeat is backwards that way and it won't look the same.


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