Friday, 19 December 2008

Hudson hat and tester soaker

I've only just finished the hat today. Well I finished it at the weekend but it's taken me a week to get round to weaving in all the ends. It's a Christmas present for my brother

Hudson hat

Made using the Hudson hat pattern and lots of yarn ends from knitting longies.

I also knitted a tester soaker sack. The idea is that they are quicker for night time nappy changes because you just undo the bottom drawstring and pull the bottom part up. It also means the baby can feel their legs better.

Tester soaker sack


  1. I love the Hudson hat, Ive made quite a few and have yet to take photos! Yours turned out so cute. I love all the colors. Nice Job!!

  2. aw thank you :-) I like knitting them up until I have to start using DPN's! I love choosing which colourways to put next to each other


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