Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wednesday's WIPs

Eek things feel busy at the moment. My 5k run thing is this Saturday and lately I've just not been putting in the training. I'll get round it even if I have to take a couple of 1 minute walking breaks but it's starting to make me feel a bit nervous now. I've also got my driving test coming up soon so I'm having lots of extra lessons. I feel like I'm going to forget everything on the day and go to pieces so I'm hoping my nerves aren't too much of a problem.


As you can see I've got lots of socks on the go at the moment!


This Rye sock is the second one and I've got past the heel now so it's nice and straight forward. I've been working on these a lot in the evening when I want something to keep my hands busy


My Smarties socks also have heels now. I used the brown trim yarn to do the heels and will use it on the cuffs too. Probably could have used it on the toes as well but I didn't want to run out! These are fun to knit but a little too taxing for my brain right now with having two at a time to manage. I'm looking forward to working on these more when things calm down a bit


Lastly is Mr Soaring Sheep's Father's Day socks. I'm getting close to needing to do the heel on these but I need to either measure his feet or find an existing pair of his socks that he likes the fit of.

So that's what I'm up to. Mostly running around like a headless chicken in a panic when really I want to be taking a leaf out of Pippin's book and flopping around like this:


Hopefully soon lol.

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  1. Your socks are always so fun and inspiring to see. What are you learning to drive? A car, bus or truck?! I got my license way later in life when we moved from the city to the bush. Good luck on your charity run!

  2. Always fun to admire your sock makes, one of these day I really will have to have a go at knitting some. Good luck with the run and the driving test.

  3. I loved seeing these sock WIPS today. I'm curious to know how that garter stitch feels on the instep of ones foot. Pls do be vocal about that when they're complete. Good lucky on your 5K and driver's test. When you take the test, make it obvious that you're looking over your shoulder when you change lanes and when you stop. Driving testers can be mean. SF ones are.

  4. The best of luck for your driving test & your run. Your socks are looking fab as always xx

  5. Good luck on both events, I am sure you will do fine on both! Love that pup!!!

  6. So many lovely socks! Very best of luck for Saturday

  7. good luck on the training and running, I'm sure you will be fantastic. Love your socks and fingers crossed on the driving test.

  8. Good luck on your running!
    Love your socks, especially the smarties ;-)

  9. Love all the colorful socks on your needles! Must be so fun to switch between them! Your dog is adorable!

  10. Wow you have so many makes on the go. I need to cast on more socks :) Hope you had a good race day. I have one in July and need to get training in for that.

  11. Thank you, Evelyn, for letting me know about this Russian BO. I was able to Google it and I will definitely try it a project. It looks interesting on Very Pink she says it's like a BO version of the German Twisted CO.

  12. Oh and the one time I knit toe up, they fit my feet so much better than cuff down when I first started knitting socks. I don't know why though.


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