Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Scrappy socks

I'm still continuing with my Cold Sheeping. I've gone 10 months now without buying yarn. In some ways it's got easier to resist but I'm getting to the point where I can't make some things I want to because I don't have any suitable yarn.


I've finished my Dad's socks and they are currently blocking. Just as well because we're seeing my parents tomorrow so going to give my Mum her beaded lace shawl too. Dad doesn't know he's getting anything. I've never made socks for someone without them trying them on. I do hope they fit ok :-S

I wanted another vanilla sock on the needles asap so asked Mr Soaring Sheep if he'd like some. His eyes lit up, he's very knit worthy lol. He wasn't too sure about the yarn I suggested and the rest of my stash is either a bit girly or I just want to be selfish and use it for me. How about a scrappy pair?


"Ooo yes please!" he said. He doesn't have a problem with wearing pink so as long as I balance the colours out nicely I should have a completely unique pair of scrappy striped socks for him when I'm done. I'm going to go cuff down with an afterthought heel, can't wait to get started!

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  1. You are doing so well - 10 months is awesome!!!

  2. Wow! 10 months! Awesome!!! Love the idea of scrappy socks! Can't wait to see them!bx

  3. Love the sock yarn for your dad! And your husband is very cool, appreciating your knitting like that. What fun sock yarns these are.

  4. A scrappy pair is perfect! I'm reaching that frustrating point too, where I want to cast on something and I just don't have the yarn to do it. Way to hold strong and not add to the stash!

  5. Wow I am impressed, 10 months without buying any yarn. I can't wait to see the scrappy socks, they're going to be so colourful. Hope your Dad's sock fit.
    Ali xx

  6. Wow, I love the scrappy sock idea - I have loads of these partial balls of sock yarn in my stash.
    Well done on sticking to your goal for so long - that's really admirable :)

  7. Cold Sheeping? I love it! I've been sorta on a yarn diet, but not a super strict one.

    I love scrappy anything. The magic of leftover bits of sock yarn never fails to amaze me.

  8. love your socks that you finished and yes! to scrappy happy socks. I have made them and they can be quite colorful and fun :)

  9. You are my hero. Can't wait to see your scrappy stripy socks - they are sure to be lovely.

  10. I am so impressed with your Cold Sheep!!!!! It has been so hard for me this year, and while I haven't quite given up, I'm a little more lax than I should be.
    Also, I think it's totally awesome that your husband appreciates scrappy socks. Mine would only go for plain gray or brown or something. I can't wait to see the progress on them!

  11. That is a long time to go without buying yarn. I look forward to seeing your socks! xx

  12. I wish I could say I haven't bought any yarn for 10 months, I think I need to do a radical stash clear out and then reassess! I love scrappy socks and will keep an eye out for yours. Thank you for the recommendations for Friday link ups you left on my blog a few weeks ago, I'll be hoping to see you at one of them.


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