Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Second Moonbeans Kids and The Soaring Sheep collab

This set was listed this afternoon and sold very quickly. I think Sue has done a fantastic job with the top. She's making one for my little boy too :-)


The yarn is Babylonglegs Black Rainbow. Absolutely scrummy as usual


Such vibrant colours. I'm so looking forward to knitting this set up :-)

The other set we offered is here:


The yarn was dyed by me and as it reminded Sue of tutti fruity ice cream she created this lovely design


It makes me hungry!

I'm off on holiday tomorrow. We're taking all three children camping for the first time. The baby will still be in cloth nappies but we're only going for 4 days so should be ok... Straight in the wash when we get home though! My biggest boy potty trained himself over night. He went from being in nappies full time to being dry day and night in a matter of days.

I should probably stop refering to Eli as "the baby" now. He's walking all over the place, has his first pair of outdoor shoes and is babbling away at us all the time. Look how big he is!


How did that happen??

Here's one of my other two posing, just so they don't feel left out


(The top was from The Hollow Oak, the same lovely lady who did the Phoenix and Dolphin collabs with me).

Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend :-)

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