Monday, 19 October 2009

10 Things About Me

I was tagged by Charlotte so here goes:

1. I can play the flute. I was grade 7/grade 8 standard when I left school. I got my grade 6 certificate but decided I didn't want to do more exams at the same time as doing my A levels so instead just worked on enjoying what I was playing. I hardly ever pick up my flute now, I miss it in some ways, there is something very peaceful about just sitting and playing

2. I love reading. Particularly fantasy books and historical fiction. I like the escapism of reading about other worlds or times and always want a happy ending. With 3 young children I don't get much chance to read at the moment, except in the mornings when I'm running a bath.

3. I love being outside. Going for long walks, camping or just running around in the rain. When I was pregnant with my daughter I didn't go out much. I was lonely and I sat around all day feeling trapped and getting fatter. 4 Years on from that I feel like I'm starting to find the outdoors again.

4. I started training to be a midwife. I've been interested in birth, pregnancy and women's health since I was a child. I had to leave in my first year after I got pregnant with my daughter. I think I would like to go back to it, but don't know if I ever will.

5. When I was younger my Granddad used to send me fossilised dinosaur poo that he'd dug up on his land. I think I've still got it in a tin up in the roof!

6. I enjoy cooking and baking. I'm not the world's best cook by a long stretch but I like flipping through cookery books or looking on cooking websites for inspiration and trying new meals.

7. I'm a control freak. I like to plan things weeks, if not months, in advance. I love making lists and crossing things off. I get grumpy and stressed out very easily if people aren't on time or don't do something which they've said they would.

8. Conversely I can be ridiculously spontaneous. When I was 43+3 weeks pregnant we decided to drive 6 hours to go see an American aircraft carrier at Portsmouth. That night I finally went into labour with my third baby.

9. I am left handed and resent being called "cack handed". I am just as dextrous as a right handed person, and I'm probably more ambidextrous than a large proportion of them, having had to learn quite early on how to use tools designed for right handers

10. I can pick up a snail and let it crawl across my palm but I can't bare to touch a slug. It is ridiculous!

I tag Annie in Woollyland, Bibs n Bots, Mrs Halobaby and Crafty n Clothy

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  1. I think you would make the most wonderful midwife, Evelyn......
    I think you should look into doing it, or even training as a Doula....

    It might give you back your "you"...

    Many Hugs

    S xXx


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